We’re two sisters, raised in Southern Oregon and currently living in Washington, D.C. When life brought us back to the same city, this happened:

cake day facebook message

So we did. We’ve been baking cakes roughly every other week since 2017, much to the delight of our coworkers.

About us

Kitra is a Congressional staffer who has lived in Washington D.C. since early 2017. She is excessively enthusiastic about obscure musicals, baseball, and the state of Oregon. She has a very cute dog named Sophie who, like her owner, is a grumpy old man at heart.

Jordan (a young woman in a denim shirt) sitting next to a layered cake that reads "fuck" in cursive frosting

Jordan moved to D.C. for school in 2011 and has been here ever since (aside from a glorious 9-month stint in France). She works as an event planner and communications manager for a large master’s program at a local university. She enjoys science fiction, data, writing, list-making, and falling behind on TV.